Mold Remediation | New Jersey

The furnace is the last place you’d expect to find mold. After all, mold typically grows on organic surfaces from where it can source its food. However, you shouldn’t completely discount the furnace and other such areas in your home from mold infestations.

The simple truth is that mold can grow almost anywhere in the home. They only need 3 conditions in order to grow:

  • The right temperature (this can be anything between 35 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • A source of food
  • The presence of moisture

As long as the three conditions above are met, mold can thrive in any environment. It’s therefore important to invest in professional mold inspection to identify exactly where the infestation is. You may otherwise miss it and end up suffering the health effects caused by the presence of black mold spores.

Mold Remediation | New Jersey

Mold and your furnace

You may be thinking that your furnace is made of metal. This isn’t an organic material. There’s no way that mold can grow in your furnace. The truth is your furnace provides the perfect environment in which mold can grow and thrive. This is especially true if there are leaks that may be caused by a break in your condensation drain or if the drain is not connected properly. Mold can grow within your furnace without showing any visible signs of its presence from the surface of the furnace. This is a problem that often goes unnoticed until the furnace is opened for routine maintenance.

The problem with a mold infestation in your furnace is that it places you and your household at a higher risk of exposure to mold spores and the toxins they produce. You may begin to notice increased allergic reactions as well as worsened asthma symptoms. You may also exhibit other symptoms of mold exposure such as headaches and the development of a body rash.

The solution

The best way to restore the health and safety of your home is by investing in professional mold inspection and remediation. Inspection ensures that all areas of infestation are identified. These areas will be closed off and procedures for destroying and removing the mold can begin. The infected areas will also be disinfected to prevent a repeat infestation.

Working with a professional ensures that all the mold is removed from your home, even that which is in areas that you would never think of looking in.

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