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Could Poor Indoor Air Quality Be Causing Your Migraines? Nashville, TN

Could Poor Indoor Air Quality Be Causing Your Migraines? Nashville, TN

Feeling dizzy? Having a severe headache? If you experience migraines often, it is important to visit your doctor to determine their cause. Migraines are caused by a variety of factors. Not many people realize that indoor air quality is amongst the leading causes of migraines. Indoor Air Quality | Nashville, TN | EZ Breathe

While scientists still don’t fully understand what causes migraines, research suggests that there are various environmental factors that can trigger migraines or make them worse. If you suffer with migraines, it is a good idea to keep a journal of when your migraines start or what is happening when they get worse. This will help you identify triggers so you can avoid them.

According to a study by the Environment Protection Agency (US EPA), indoor air quality in many homes is much worse than outdoor air quality. The air in many homes has high levels of air pollutants including formaldehyde, mold spores, dust mites, carbon monoxide and much more. Research has shown that exposure to environmental irritants such as formaldehyde and other noxious gases, makes people susceptible to developing migraines. Exposure to high levels of these air pollutants in your home could therefore be the reason your experiencing migraines.Indoor Air Quality | Nashville, TN | EZ Breathe

What to do about indoor air quality

If you suspect that the quality of the air in your home is poor, the first step you should take is to have your home inspected and tested. Testing will reveal exactly what pollutants are present in the home and at what level. Testing will help you determine what needs to be done to improve the quality of air in your home.

One of the most effective ways of improving indoor air quality is by investing in a whole home ventilation system. Unlike air conditioners that simply recycle the stale air in your home, whole home ventilation systems remove stale air and expel it to the outdoors. They then draw clean and fresh air from outside into your home. They therefore keep your home ventilated without causing loss in energy to the outside. You will save money on energy bills while ensuring your home’s air quality is good.

Depending on the type and level of pollutants in your air, you may also want to eliminate the sources of pollution that can be removed. For example, if your air has a high level of mold spores, you should invest in mold remediation services.

Are you suffering from migraines? Have you considered the quality of air in your home?

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The Dangers of Febreze

The Dangers of Febreze- EZ BreatheThe Dangers of Febreze

Febreze is classified as an air freshener, created by Proctor & Gamble. It reports to work by “trapping” odor molecules in a donut-shaped chemical.

The first thing that is really important to understand: the product does not remove odor molecules and it doesn’t clean the item it comes into contact with.

The odor molecules are still there. Your nose just can’t perceive them because you smell the chemical product instead.

For more related information on how EZ Breathe can help with smells and odors.

That alone should be your first warning. We know inhalation of any chemicals is dangerous, and several of its ingredients listed below are known to irritate the lungs… but this is a chemical whose entire purpose is to be inhaled!

The Natural Resources Defense Council studied the effects of air fresheners, discovering that they currently undergo no safety testing. The results were disturbing, because they revealed high levels of phthalates, which are known to be especially harmful to children. These chemicals were even present in sprays which were claimed to be “All-Natural” and “unscented”. Phthalates were not disclosed in the list of ingredients for any of the products. “Phthalates are hormone-disrupting chemicals that can be particularly dangerous for young children and unborn babies. Exposure to phthalates can affect testosterone levels and lead to reproductive abnormalities, including abnormal genitalia and reduced sperm production. The State of California notes that five types of phthalates — including one that we found in air freshener products — are ‘known to cause birth defects or reproductive harm.’” — Natural Resources Defense Council

1,4- Dichlorobenzene is a chemical that is found in the blood of 96% of Americans. It has been linked to lung damage, is a known carcinogen, and it is an E.P.A. registered pesticide. Studies found it to increase rates of asthma. It can be found in the majority of air fresheners, toilet deodorizers, and mothballs. It works by attacking the receptors in the nose, and thus eliminating the sense of smell. This is how the new generation of air fresheners actually “freshen”. This chemical was introduced into the American market with the Febreze product from Proctor & Gamble. The new generation of air fresheners that were inspired by the success of Febreze are literally using chemical warfare to destroy their customers’ sense of smell. That lack of smell is where the illusion of freshness comes from. The user only smells these air fresheners for about a minute after they have been sprayed, and then the nose cannot smell most fragrances anymore. This is not a normal adjustment to odors, anymore than a loss of one of the other four senses. The process is the equivalent of using a chemical blinding agent to escape the unpleasantness of a bright light; when that chemical is known to be both poisonous and carcinogenic. By design, the freshening chemical causes damage to the mucous membrane, which is claimed to be temporary. However, no long-term studies have ever been done to test the effects of chronic exposure. It is important to remember that anything inhaled is immediately absorbed into the blood through the lungs relatively unchanged.

Unfortunately there is not much data being shared on Febreze and their many products, but the Environmental Working Group (EWG) did conduct a test for the ingredients of one of their products, Febreze Air Effects.

Shockingly, P&G only disclosed THREE ingredients in this product, but the EWG…they found 87 chemicals in total!

Now this is just one Febreze product, but the fact that only 3 ingredients were disclosed and that so many undisclosed ingredients are dangerous, it’s safe to assume that their other air fresheners are just as dangerous.

Febreze Ingredients

Below you’ll find a list of just some of the 87 chemicals found by the EWG in Febreze Air Effects, listed in order of their toxicity to humans:

  • BHT – Known as a neurotoxin, endocrine disruptor, immunotoxicity, non-reproductive organ system toxicity, skin eye and lung irritator
  • Acetaldehyde – Known to cause cancer, toxic to reproduction and development, immunotoxin, non-reproductive organ system toxin, skin, eye and lung irritator
  • “Fragrance” – One of the three ingredients actually disclosed, it’s a neurotoxin, immunotoxin and allergen
  • Propylene Glycol – Causes cancer, allergies, toxic to immune system, accumulates in the system, non-reproductive organ system toxin, is classified with “enhanced skin absorption” and irritates the skin, eye and lung
  • 1,3-Dichloro-2-propanol – Carcinogenic (causes cancer)
  • Limonene – Allergen, immunotoxin and skin, eyes and lung irritator
  • Methyl pyrrolidone – Toxin to reproduction and development, allergen and immunotoxin, non-reproductive organ system toxin and skin, eyes and lung irritator
  • Alcohol denatured – Also disclosed in the ingredients of Febreze, it’s linked to cancer, developmental/reproductive toxicity, organ system toxicity and skin, eyes and lung irritator
  • Butylphenyl methylpropion al – allergen, immunotoxin and and skin, eyes and lung irritator
  • Ethyl acetate – linked to developmental/reproductive toxicity, neurotoxicity, organic system toxicity and and skin, eyes and lung irritator
  • Geraniol – Linked to allergies, immunotoxicity, organi system toxicity and and skin, eyes and lung irritation
  • Linalool – allergen, immunotoxin, and and skin, eyes and lung irritator
  • Benzaldehyde – neurotoxin, and skin, eyes and lung irritator
  • Diethylene glycol monoethyl ether – non-reproductive organ system toxicity
  • Ethylhezanol – developmental and reproductive toxin and skin, eyes and lung irritator
  • Hexyl cinnamal – allergen, immunotoxin and skin, eyes and lung irritator
  • And way too many more…

You can find the EWG’s full report on the dangers of Febreze and other common cleaners here.

Removing Odors Naturally

Again, it’s important to understand that these types of products are not only dangerous to our health, but they aren’t actually cleaning the air or eliminating odor. They are just masking it…the bacteria and molecules are still hanging around, maybe even making you sick themselves.

If you really want to remove odors naturally there are two recommendations I have:

  1. Types of Houseplants That Clean the Air – In this article I’ll point out the best houseplants to use to freshen indoor air, as well as just how effective they really are.
  2. Removing Odor Naturally – Here I’ll show you how you can actually remove odors for all kinds of surfaces…safely, easily and naturally.
  3. ACTUALLY Purify the Air: Febreze doesn’t purify, but only masks odors. But essential oils can actually purify the air and eliminates odor.

Source: The Dangers of Febreze.

Coronavirus | Mask | Whole Home Ventilation | EZ Breathe Systems

Coronavirus and The Benefits of Using a Whole Home Ventilation System

The new coronavirus, COVID-19, has the attention of the entire world. This virus has spread rapidly since the outbreak began in China in December 2019. With headlines warning us of travel bans, cancelled conferences, and school closures, we have to ask, is there something we are missing to prevent the spread within our own indoor environment?

There are different kinds of coronaviruses, most of which only cause mild symptoms and illness, such as a cold. According to the World Health Organization, common signs of infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. In more severe cases, infection can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and even death. We do not know what caused this novel coronavirus (COVID-19), but research is being carried out to find its original source. So how can we combat this new deadly flu? The CDC and the WHO have both stated that washing your hands frequently and steering clear from carriers will be enough, however as more cases are popping up, new precautions are surfacing.

It’s no mystery that the air inside our homes, offices and buildings we enter may be contaminated. What if the building is ‘sick’ and harboring more than just the Coronavirus?

Coronavirus | Whole Home Ventilation | EZ Breathe Systems

According to the EPA, “60% of homes and buildings are ‘sick’, meaning that they are hazardous to your health to occupy”. The EPA also reports 50% of residential buildings and 80% of commercial buildings both have water damage, which is the breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and black mold. The particulates produced by molds (mycotoxins) have been medically labeled as more dangerous to human health than mold spores themselves. Once inhaled, Mycotoxins can have serious health implications. Black mold symptoms can mimic the flu and worsen pre-existing conditions like Asthma, Auto-immune Diseases, and more.

The reality is bacteria, molds, viruses, and toxins are living and thriving in our homes. Unfortunately, no matter how much cleaning products you use to prevent organic materials from growing, it continues to, from the top to the very bottom of your house.

To help reduce the risk of having a “sick home” installing a home ventilation system can ensure that the air exchange is adequate to improve the health of the home. The EPA recommends “6-10 compete air exchanges per day”. Not just any home ventilation system is recommended, but one that services the entire structure, from bottom up. Ventilation systems installed in the lowest level of the home are most effective at treating the entirety of the indoor air quality and are most effective and improving the overall indoor air quality.

Why EZ Breathe Ventilation System? This whole-home ventilation system provides complete home air exchanges according to the EPA’s recommendations and can dramatically improve the indoor air quality by providing up to an 85% reduction in airborne particulates. The EZ Breathe System provides a much-needed path of escape for the many airborne pollutants, contaminants, humidity, dander, dust mites, fungi, bacteria and other toxins that build up inside our homes.

Learn more about how EZ Breathe works:


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3 Facts about How Air Purifiers Improve Indoor Air Quality in Macedonia, OH

3 Facts About How Air Purifiers Improve Indoor Air Quality Macedonia, OH

The quality of the air that you inhale in your home or at your place of work has a notable impact on your health. Research has shown that indoor air quality affects the health, wellbeing, and comfort of the people who occupy any building. To avoid the negative impact of poor indoor air quality, many people install air purifiers in their buildings.

Before buying an air purifier, it is important to familiarize yourself with how the equipment works and other points that you need to consider. Here are 3 important things that you should know about air purifiers.

  1. How Does An Air Purifier Function To Improve Indoor Air Quality

An air purifier has a filtration system that is designed to trap microscopic elements from the air. The equipment has a system of internal fans that draw the air in a building and make it pass through a series of filters.

Each time that the air cleaning equipment cycles, air passes through the device’s purification system and in the process, the air is filtered by removing harmful airborne elements such as pollen, dust, and bacteria. The air purifier then recirculates the clean air back into the building.indoor air quality | Macedonia, OH | EZ Breathe

  1. Who Needs An Air Purifier?

Everyone needs clean indoor air. Therefore, virtually everyone needs to have an air purifier installed in their building to ensure that the air that they breathe is clean all the time. However, there are situations in which you are likely to need an air purifier more. For instance, if your building has been designed to be energy efficient in that it is airtight, then you are likely to need more artificial ventilation in terms of air purifiers.

Also, if your building has fewer windows and vents, this means less air circulation. To keep the air in such a building cleaner, you will have to install an air purifier.

Some buildings are also exposed to pollutants from vehicle exhaust, cooking, cleaning, fresh paints, fiberglass, and other materials and processes. If you occupy such a building, you will need an air purifier to remove all the harmful particles from your indoor air.

EZ Breathe Ventilation System | Macedonia, OH | EZ Breathe Systems

  1. What Are The Features Of A Good Air Purifier?

A good air purifier should be able to improve indoor air quality by removing harmful contaminants from the air, controlling the moisture content of the air, and ensuring that a building has fresh air all the time. So, if you are planning to install an air purifier in your home or office, ensure that the device meets the aforementioned qualities.

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Indoor Air Quality | New Jersey | EZ Breathe

Indoor Air Quality: Functions and Benefits of a 2-in-1 Air Purifier and Dehumidifier in Macedonia, OH

Indoor air quality is an important issue all over the world. In the United States, indoor air quality is critical, given that according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, 60 percent of homes and buildings are risky because they have air contaminated with airborne pollutants.

To improve the quality of indoor air, many homeowners and owners of commercial buildings install equipment such as dehumidifiers and air purifiers to remove moisture from the air, or to purify the air, respectively.

Some buildings also have both air purifiers and air dehumidifiers installed. But there are 2-in-1 devices that act as air purifiers and dehumidifiers. In this article, you will learn about how standalone purifiers and dehumidifiers work and how a 2-in-1 device combines the two functions.

How Standalone Air Purifiers and Dehumidifiers Work

A standalone air purifier functions by trapping microscopic elements from the air. The device has fans that draw air from a building and passes it through a series of filters before returning the clean air to the building. Through this process, harmful substances such as mold, volatile organic compounds, bacteria, smoke, dust, and pollen are removed from the air.

In contrast, an air dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the air, hence making sure that the air that you breathe has the right quantity of moisture. It is important to note that high humidity can increase the level of harmful compounds in the air. High indoor humidity also promotes the growth of mold and mildew.

How a 2-in-1 Air Purifier and Dehumidifier Works

A 2-in-1 air purifier and dehumidifier combines the functions of an air purifier and air dehumidifier. That is, the device cleans the air and simultaneously ensures that the air has the right quantity of moisture.

Benefits of a 2-in-1 Air Purifier and Dehumidifier Indoor Air Quality | EZ Breathe | Macedonia, OH

A 2-in-1 air purifier and dehumidifier has the following benefits:

  • Energy Savings: Standalone dehumidifiers are known to be heavy energy consumers. Added to the cost of operating a separate air purifier, this means that you will have a significantly high energy bill. But a 2-in-1 air purifier and dehumidifier uses technology that enables it to use a lower amount of energy.
  • Space: Having a 2-in-1 air purifier and dehumidifier means that you don’t need to have separate devices to clean your indoor air and control the amount of moisture that the air contains. As a result, you need less space to install a 2-in-1 purifier and dehumidifier as compared to having a standalone air purifier and a separate dehumidifier.


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Indoor Air Quality | New Jersey | EZ Breathe

Indoor Air Quality – These Myths Will Surprise You Birmingham, AL


Indoor air quality is an important aspect of any home or office. If it is poor, it can cause health problems in people and make it hard to breathe. There are several myths involving indoor air quality, and it is important that you know the truth. Take a look at these three indoor air quality myths:

  1. You can improve indoor air quality just by removing the source of odors

A strange smell may be a sign of poor indoor air quality. For example, musty smells can indicate the presence of mildew or mold. While it is important to remove the sources of the odor, there are many other things that are odorless and can contribute to poor air quality.

  • Increased moisture, such as relative humidity above 60%, can contribute to bacterial and mold growth.
  • Fragranced products, such as perfumes and air fresheners, can pollute the indoors and trigger sensitivities in some people.
  • Facial tissue boxes release dust clouds whenever someone takes a tissue.
  • Dust from pesticides, roads, and heavy metals can be tracked inside and become airborneBirmingham, AL | EZ Breathe Systems
  1. Air pollution is only outside

Many people think that air pollution is only outside. However, this is not the case. The air inside your home has come from outside, which means that many of the pollutants that have been moving through the air outside will make their way into your home.


In addition, homes have their own pollutants and air problems. Common problems include bacteria, viruses, pet dander, dust, and mold. All these can be found inside and can cause health problems. In some cases, they can cause serious health issues in people who are at higher risk.


  1. Adding ventilation will drive up energy costs

Ventilators can help with poor indoor air quality. They can provide the same amount of fresh air as opening a window. However, many people believe that they will drive up energy costs. There are many available that allow for the exchange of air without driving up energy costs.


One example is the EZ Breathe. This ventilation system helps control indoor air quality and eliminate any pollutants from within the home. It removes polluted air and replaces it with air from outside the building. This system is energy-efficient, so you don’t have to worry about higher costs.


These are just three of the myths surrounding indoor air quality. If you suspect that the air in your home or office is poor, contact a professional for assistance.


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Mold Inspection – Mold May Be Hiding in Your Furnace New Jersey

Mold Remediation | New Jersey

The furnace is the last place you’d expect to find mold. After all, mold typically grows on organic surfaces from where it can source its food. However, you shouldn’t completely discount the furnace and other such areas in your home from mold infestations.

The simple truth is that mold can grow almost anywhere in the home. They only need 3 conditions in order to grow:

  • The right temperature (this can be anything between 35 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • A source of food
  • The presence of moisture

As long as the three conditions above are met, mold can thrive in any environment. It’s therefore important to invest in professional mold inspection to identify exactly where the infestation is. You may otherwise miss it and end up suffering the health effects caused by the presence of black mold spores.

Mold Remediation | New Jersey

Mold and your furnace

You may be thinking that your furnace is made of metal. This isn’t an organic material. There’s no way that mold can grow in your furnace. The truth is your furnace provides the perfect environment in which mold can grow and thrive. This is especially true if there are leaks that may be caused by a break in your condensation drain or if the drain is not connected properly. Mold can grow within your furnace without showing any visible signs of its presence from the surface of the furnace. This is a problem that often goes unnoticed until the furnace is opened for routine maintenance.

The problem with a mold infestation in your furnace is that it places you and your household at a higher risk of exposure to mold spores and the toxins they produce. You may begin to notice increased allergic reactions as well as worsened asthma symptoms. You may also exhibit other symptoms of mold exposure such as headaches and the development of a body rash.

The solution

The best way to restore the health and safety of your home is by investing in professional mold inspection and remediation. Inspection ensures that all areas of infestation are identified. These areas will be closed off and procedures for destroying and removing the mold can begin. The infected areas will also be disinfected to prevent a repeat infestation.

Working with a professional ensures that all the mold is removed from your home, even that which is in areas that you would never think of looking in.

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5 Sure Tips for Improving Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality New Jersey, NJ


Indoor Air Quality | New Jersey, NJ

5 Sure Tips for Improving Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality New Jersey, NJ

Indoor air quality denotes the quality of air within buildings and the surrounding structures, especially with respect to the health and wellbeing of the people who occupy these buildings. Being aware of the importance of good indoor air quality and controlling some of the elements that pollute indoor air can help in reducing the risk of indoor air-related health problems.

Controlling the quality of indoor air is also very important given that some of the health risks associated with poor indoor air quality may be experienced immediately while others may take even years to be detected. Therefore, understanding and controlling the quality of the air that you breathe can help you prevent the short- and long-term problems that are associated with poor indoor air quality.

Ironically, according to the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States, six out of every 10 buildings and homes have poor indoor air quality and therefore expose their occupants to the risks associated with airborne pollutants. Thus, much more needs to be done to improve the quality of indoor air in homes and other buildings. Below are five tips that can help you improve your home’s indoor air quality.

Indoor Air Quality | New Jersey, NJ


1. Ensure That The Building Has Good Natural Ventilation

Natural ventilation includes windows, doors and various types of vents such as door vents, window vents, and ridge vents among others. These openings facilitate air circulation, ensuring that the indoor environment has fresh air and just the right amount of humidity at all times. Thus, it is important to have an adequate number of windows and doors as well as numerous vents on your building to guarantee good natural ventilation.

2. Install Reliable AC Equipment

Air conditioning equipment such as fans and dehumidifiers and are a good investment to help you improve air circulation and control the amount of moisture in the building at any given time.

3. Keep your AC Equipment Clean

Simply installing different kinds of AC equipment is not enough to help you have a good indoor air quality. To be effective, the devices need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure that they do not gather dust and that they operate optimally at all times.

4. Have House Plants To Help You Purify Your Indoor Air

Some house plants such as Epipremnum aureum have been proven to be effective in purifying indoor air by removing a number of air pollutants including formaldehyde, xylene, trichloroethylene, and benzene.

5. Choose Furniture And Items Such As Carpets Carefully And Keep Them Clean

Some furniture items and carpets release air pollutants long after they have been made. Hence, it is important to ask about the types of materials that the items are made of when buying. It is also critical to keep furniture and carpets clean to avoid the accumulation of dust and other airborne substances on these items.

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Indoor Air Quality | EZ Breathe | Macedonia, OH

4 Things Compromising the Indoor Air Quality of Your Home | Nashville, TN

Whether you’re sleeping or awake and active, the quality of the air you breathe matters. Indoor air quality has a big impact on your health. Poor quality air can lead to the development of allergies and other respiratory problems.

The following are five things that commonly compromise indoor air quality.

Indoor Air Quality | Nashville, TN

  1. Dirty air ducts

The air flowing through your ductwork is distributed throughout the home. It is the air you breathe. It is therefore important to ensure that this air is of good quality.

If you are not getting the ductwork in your HVAC system cleaned often, there’s a good chance that the air in your home is packed with dander, dirt, dust and other particulates. Your dirty ducts could be the reason why your allergies are flaring up or the cause of that persistent headache. Be sure to have your ducts cleaned by a certified expert at least once a year.

  1. Indoor smoke

This is a rather obvious one. Many people understand the dangers associated with smoking. However, few understand that smoking an E-cigarette will also compromise indoor air quality. While E-cigarettes are not as bad as traditional cigarettes, they still result in the production of pollutants. It is therefore advisable to restrict all forms of smoking to the outdoors and maintain a smoking-free zone within your home.

  1. High levels of humidity

Moisture is essential for our health. It helps to keep our airways and skin healthy. However, too much moisture can lead to problems.

High humidity in the home will create the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Once an infestation is established, spores will be released in the air. When you breathe in these spores, they can cause all manner of health problems including allergies and respiratory issues.

If you want to safeguard the health of your household, you should invest in a dehumidifier. This will keep humidity at an optimum level and keep mold infestations at bay.

  1. Pets

Your pets may be lovable and loyal friends, but they also may be causing you to be ill. Pet dander (or fur) can result in the development of allergies and other respiratory issues when inhaled. It is made up of not only the fur but also dried skin cells. These fall off regularly, float in the air and settle on different surfaces around the home.

Make it a point to clean your pet regularly. You should also give your home a thorough cleaning every once in a while.

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Minneapolis, MN | Basement Ventilation | EZ Breathe indoor air qualitiy professionals can guide you with choosing an EZ Breathe System that will improve your homes indoor air quality

Indoor Air Quality – 3 Reasons to Worry About Dampness in the Home | Minneapolis, MN

Have you noticed a leak in your home? Is your home damp? It doesn’t matter whether the leak is in your basement or in your bathroom; the fact is that it is likely to cause your home to become damp. It doesn’t matter how small the leak is. Ensure that you have it attended to as soon as your notice it.
Why you should be worried about moisture
It can be tempting to ignore that little leak in your home. However, not repairing the problem won’t make it go away. In fact, it is only likely to become worse. If you’re concerned about indoor air quality, you ought to also be concerned about those leaking pipes.
Several scientific studies have linked high levels of moisture in homes with respiratory problems. This is a result of the following agents that occur in homes with higher levels of moisture and humidity.

ew York, NY | Basement Ventilation | EZ Breathe indoor air qualitiy professionals can guide you with choosing an EZ Breathe System that will improve your homes indoor air quality1. Bacteria
Bacteria loves moisture. Moisture provides the perfect environment in which they can breed and thrive. It doesn’t matter how much antibacterial products you use. They cannot compensate for the effects of a damp house. The bacterial colonies will re-establish themselves. It is therefore vital to get rid of the moisture and maintain low levels of humidity.
2. Mold
This is one of the most common concerns linked with damp spaces. Mold thrives in damp spaces. They cause a musty smell which can be used to detect their presence.
Exposure to molds can result in various health conditions. Top on this list are respiratory conditions.
Investing in mold remediation will help to get rid of an infestation. However, if you want to prevent the infestation from recurring, you should ensure that you deal with the moisture problem and maintain live levels of humidity.
3. Dust mites
Dust mites are a common allergen. Those who are allergic to them develop symptoms such as sneezing, stuffy noses, itchy eyes as well as respiratory problems. While dust mites are ever present, high levels of humidity will result in higher population of these microscopic critters.
Dust mite growth can be stopped if you keep your home’s humidity levels below 50 percent. This will mean addressing any moisture problems and investing in a system that will keep the moisture levels down.
Don’t wait for your symptoms to become serious in order to take action. Ensure that your home’s moisture levels are low for good indoor air quality.

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