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Finally, the relief you’ve been searching for. The EZ Breathe Ventilation System removes harmful contaminants that cause odors and replaces the home with fresh, odor-free air. You will notice a big difference immediately!

Odors and smells within a home not only cause discomfort but can also be the result of bigger problems such as excessive moisture in the air and mold. Mold in a home can cause headaches, nasal irritation, dizziness, fatigue, and nausea. The main culprit of lingering, unpleasant odors in a home is the lack of proper ventilation and poor air quality.


Basement Smells & Basement Odors

Common contaminants that affect the quality of the indoor air in your basement and crawlspace

allergensAllergens are natural particles such as dust mites, pet dander, and pollen, which irritate, inflame and promote respiratory illness.
Basement Smells - Basement Odors - EZ Breathe Ventilation SystemAirborne bacteria and viruses can lead to a wide range of ailments and infections, and thrive in damp, stale environments. Without ventilation, these bacteria continue to breed.
Basement Smells - Basement Odors - EZ Breathe Ventilation SystemToxic chemicals are the condensation and buildup of vapors from common household products such as paint, pesticides, cleaners, solvents, adhesives and aerosols that can be highly toxic if not properly ventilated from the home.
Basement Smells - Basement Odors - EZ Breathe Ventilation SystemMold is a fungus, which needs moisture to exist, that gradually destroys the things it grows on. Spores released by mold are highly toxic and can cause serious – and even terminal – health complications.
moisture2Moisture is the number-one problem in air quality control. Uncontrolled moisture promotes mold growth, feeds thriving bacteria and causes structural damage to the home.


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Keep Basement Smells and Basement Odors At Bay

Indoor odors are caused by both natural and man-made sources.

Basement smells and basement odors are often the first indicator of mold and water damage. To start, look into dark, damp, and warm places like crawlspaces, attics, basement, and even your bathroom. Mold will also thrive on porous materials with excess moisture, such as wood, drywall, carpeting, cement, and sheetrock.

Symptoms of Poor Quality Air

Every house has its own unique smells that reflect the nature of the home and those who live in it. Sometimes there are factors that change that smell, one of those being mold. Mold does not always have a strong smell but when it is present, it’s often described as a “musty basement smell”.

Another good idea would be to find the source of the mold: most likely from water damage but what caused that? Sources like leaking pipes, appliances, roofing, cracks in the foundation, sewage backups, melting snow, etc. will all result in water damage and musty smells in the end. Removing or repairing water-damaged materials can easily become difficult, especially if it involves physically challenging tasks, such as removing carpet, drywall, or large contents.

Water Damage

One of the most common reasons for pungent basement smells is excess water. Because of how they’re situated, and because they generally get little light, basements are often damp. That moisture generally doesn’t evaporate or dry out by itself. This excess moisture can quickly become fetid, particularly where small puddles form. In addition, the moisture can cause rot and mold, both of which can smell.

If your basement walls look dry this is not a sign that humidity is not entering your basement. If you’ve ever owned a potted plant, you know that the surface can be dry even when the pot is heavy with water. This is because the moisture is pulled out by the air as soon as it rises up and eventually can cause basement smells that are very unpleasant.

These odors can be removed by improving the home’s ventilation, purifying the air and being aware of everyday activities. A home’s odor problem can be caused by a variety of sources including:

  • Bacterial
  • Dust mites
  • Animal dander
  • Cat saliva
  • Mold
  • Smoking
  • Cleaning
  • Cooking

The EZ Breathe Ventilation System removes harmful contaminants that cause odors and replaces the home with fresh, odor-free air. You will notice a big difference immediately!

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