NEW!!! Do It Yourself EZ Breathe Ventilation Systems – Now available.

We’ve made it EZer than ever to improve the indoor air quality of your home with our new EZ Breathe Ventilation System Self Installation Kits. Yes, you can be the hero for your family by providing air exchanges in your home that support the US Environmental Protection Recommendations for a healthy indoor air quality… WITH VENTILATION!!

After 20 years, we now know that ventilation sourced at the foundation is the most effective and efficient way to reduce trapped indoor dirty air and create a healthier indoor air environment!

DO IT YOURSELF is as E-Z as 1 -2 -3

  1. Call us at 866-822-7328 to receive a Self-Installation discount – all month long!
  2. Receive your EZ Breathe Self Installation Kit in the mail – usually within 5-7 days
    from order date.
  3. Follow our EZ installation guide & helpful installation videos to complete the 1-2
    hour EZ Breathe installation.

EZ Breathe Basement Ventilation System Install Video:

EZ Breathe Crawlspace Conditioner Install Videos:
Install with exhaust vented through Rim Joist:

Install with exhaust vented through existing window:

Tools needed:

  • Electrical reciprocal saw or 6” diameter hole saw
  • Note: 6 ¼” hole saw may be used if 6” saw is not available
  • No. 2 Screwdriver
  • Measuring Tape
  • Duct Tape
  • Hammer
  • Tin Snips
  • 1 tube of clear silicone caulking
  • Level

Recent EZ Breathe Testimonial:

“I purchased the EZ-Breathe basement ventilation system and in November 2022. The results have been better than I hoped! Prior to our EZ-Breathe system we emptied two dehumidifiers, 3 times a week. Our radon levels were high even after installing two Radon Mitigation Systems on either corner of the basement! After installing the EZ-breathe, the dehumidifiers have only been emptied once, the humidity level is much lower, and OUR RADON LEVELS DROPPED AN AVERAGE OF 3-5 FULL POINTS! It smells better as well, and our radon levels are now averaging between 1.48 on the low end and 2.76 on the high! Thank you so much for a wonderful product and some much-needed piece of mind! couldn’t be happier! “
                                                                    – Rodney C., NY