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Easy Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality Macedonia, OH

Easy Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality Macedonia, OH

The average American spends 90 percent of their time indoors. That means that you spend most of your time breathing indoor air. According to a study by the Environment Protection Agency (US EPA), indoor air quality for the average home is much worse than outdoor air quality. The EP reports that the levels of pollutants in homes are 2 to 5 times higher than that in outdoor air. Some pollutants recorded high levels of 100 times more indoors than outdoors. Indoor Air Quality | Macedonia, OH | EZ Breathe

While spending more time outdoors is a great idea for our overall health, it doesn’t solve the problem of high levels of pollutants in our homes. The good news is that you can improve your indoor air quality with the following easy steps.

  1. Keep your home ventilated

One of the easiest ways to reduce the levels of pollutants in the air within your home is to open your windows and doors. This will allow air to circulate into and out of your home. Good exchange of air will promote healthy air indoors.

  1. Smoke outdoors

If you or a member of your household likes to indulge in cigarette smoking every once in a while, restrict the activity to the outdoors. Cigarette smoking is not only bad for your health as a smoker but also for the other members of your household. Second hand smoke has been attributed as the cause of up to 3000 deaths a year as a result of developing lung cancer.Indoor Air Quality | Macedonia, OH | EZ Breathe

Dust mites and mold love moisture. Mold spores and dust mites are known to cause allergies or increase allergy episodes. Keeping humidity levels low will help to reduce the levels of mold and dust mites in your home. Consider investing in a dehumidifier for those parts of your home that are especially humid such as the basement or crawlspace.

  1. Bring in plants

Plants offer an easy and inexpensive way to purify your air. These natural air purifiers take in stale indoor air that is full of chemicals and release fresh oxygen rich air into your home. Placing a large number of plants in your home will help to ensure your indoor air is cleaner. Be sure to look for plants that are known for air purification such as spider plants, Aloe Vera and mother in-laws tongue.

Are you looking for ways to improve indoor air quality? Try the tips above to get started right away.

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IAQ 2019 vs IAQ 2021

IAQ 2019 vs IAQ 2021

Wow, what a difference 2 years can make. Up until 2019, my talks on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) would be to rooms of likeminded professionals or basement contractors that wanted to know what more they could do for their customer. Fast forward to 2021.  Not only are contractors more knowledgeable, but it seems like every homeowner knows, not only about the importance of good IAQ, but what that even stands for!  They know about the importance of filtration & even more so, ventilation. Up until recently, most homeowner’s knowledge of ventilation was relegated to bathroom fans.

indoor air pollutants

IAQ is obviously more important now than it ever has been in the past. With Covid on everyone’s mind, let’s talk for a little bit about why IAQ is so important. The easy answer is that, with Covid in the air, it’s part of IAQ. That’s a no brainer. But again, why? Covid particles are very small, and as a result, can pass through mediums typically used in household appliances. Your standard HVAC filter does a great job, when maintained, but it wasn’t designed to stop the smaller size particles that make up the Covid virus. 

When we look to create a healthy indoor environment, we always want to start with Source Control. If there is a source to the problems facing your family, then remove it. Moldy carpet? Throw it away. Water coming in through the basement walls? Get waterproofed.

That said, source control isn’t always the practical answer. Try telling a family to get rid of that Black Lab! This also pertains to Covid. There is no “source” of Covid that you can control. So, if source control isn’t an option, the next step is Ventilation. And ventilation does not mean that you should run your HVAC fan on the “Run” setting all the time. In the past, this has always been a great first step to moving stale air. However, if you are concerned about Covid, then let’s take a different approach to our thinking. Let’s think, albeit simplistically, about how the HVAC system works. It is installed in a house with vents that push either conditioned or heated air throughout the house. It also has cold air returns that allow that same air to travel back through ducts to the plenum. There it is filtered, then heated or cooled, dehumidified and sent back out to the house. So, if we think back to the point above about how covid particles are too small to be captured by the standard HVAC filter, what is happening? We’re circulating the Covid air throughout the house.

Now is the time we start to rethink the benefit of quarantining someone to their room… If your Covid positive family member is quarantined in their room, do you want to recirculate the air throughout the house, or ventilate that air to the outside? Ventilation, or taking the air inside the home and exhausting it directly to the outside, is the best option. Filtration is also possible, but more on that in a separate blog.

Ventilation, or whole house air exchanges, in any home, regardless of the presence of Covid, is a smart idea. By creating whole house air exchanges, you are exhausting the stale, and sometimes contaminated air to the outside.

Basement Ventilation System

EZ Breathe takes the concept of air exchanges to a new level (pun intended). A typical house experiences a Stack Effect. This is a fancy term to describe how things like hot air balloons, and your family room fireplace, operate: warm air rises (this concept has its limitations, but that’s more of a meteorological conversation). This is not necessarily a good thing. Do we want basement air to rise up to the living space? Do we want the air in our living space, with cooking gases, garage fumes, COVID, etc, rising to the 2nd floor?

By installing an EZ Breathe in the basement, we are capturing the air that is typically the “worst” & exhausting it directly to the outside, not allowing it to migrate up to the living space. In doing this, there is a need for replacement air. The replacement air comes from the living space above. By exhausting the basement air & replacing that exhausted air with the air from the upper living spaces, we are creating the very necessary whole house air exchanges- all by doing something very simple. The EZ Breathe unit can be set to run full time, or to cycle off at a certain relative humidity (RH) level.  The amount of air being moved can also be controlled by the fan speed.

The EZ Breathe whole house ventilation system is an important step towards creating a healthy indoor environment.

Andre’ Lacroix
V.P. EZ Breathe Healthy Home Solutions
V.P. Basement Health Association
Certified Healthy Homes Specialist
Certified Indoor Environmentalist
Certified Radon Measurement Provider

The Savvy Entrepreneur: The Story of EZ Breathe Home Health Solutions

Erika Lacroix has successfully built EZ Breathe Home Solutions, a construction-related business. She is a kind of unicorn, thriving in what is still traditionally a man’s world.

She says she was always more of a tomboy, which no doubt helped prepare her for her role with EZ Breathe. And her down-to-earth, funny, no-nonsense approach probably did as well.

She shares the story of her journey, along with some tips for other women entrepreneurs operating in this world. She has navigated bumps along the way, but is fiercely dedicated to her customers, as you’ll hear in my interview with her.

Click on the arrow to the left to listen, or click here if you’d prefer to read a transcript of the show. It’s well worth the listen!

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Indoor Air Products And How They Impact The Quality Of Your Indoor Air New York, NY

Home Products And How They Impact The Quality Of Your Indoor Air New York, NY

As the sunshine and heat of summer give way to the brisk air and shorter days of fall, it’s the perfect time to update your indoor decor.EZ Breathe System | New York, NY | EZ Breathe Ventilation System

Throws and Blankets

Find throws and quilts with warm, neutral colors or with seasonal patterns, and drape them over the back of furniture in your living room and bedrooms. Chilly nights call for extra layers, and while you’re cuddled up on the couch there’s nothing better than cocooning yourself in blankets.
If you’re buying new items, make sure to wash them before use. Textiles are exposed to a variety of chemicals throughout the manufacturing process, and they can irritate your skin or lungs.


The fireplace can get a little dusty over the summer months, so make sure it’s in good working order before your first cozy, crackling fire of the season.

A certified chimney sweep can inspect your fireplace area for blockages and pests, ensuring that smoke can properly ventilate. For gas and wood stoves, you’ll want a certified inspector to check them out for any leakages as well.

Keep in mind that even fireplaces in perfect condition can release harmful emissions into your home. Consider using an EZ Breathe System to filter and remove damaging particles so your family can enjoy the comforts of the fireplace without compromising Indoor Air Quality. EZ Breathe System | New York, NY | EZ Breathe Ventilation System


Carving pumpkins is a great fall activity for the whole family. But after a couple of weeks or so, those decorations can turn into a breeding ground for mold.

After displaying everyone’s creations inside for a few days, move the pumpkins outside. If it’s cold enough during the day or at night, the pumpkins will last longer. And they’re outside, so they aren’t adding allergens to your home.

The same is true for fresh fall flowers. Dispose of them once they start to wither so you don’t have to deal with the mold and mildew that can form inside the vase.

You should also be aware of the outdoor allergens like mold and ragweed that can become an issue during the fall months. Using an EZ Breathe System can help keep your home free of those outside irritants.

Scented Candles

The fall season lends itself well to comforting smells. From baking spices to outdoor aromas like sage and pine, burning a candle is a simple way to add ambience and comfort to your home. Keep in mind that burning anything in your home will add volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. Whether a candle is made with natural or artificial ingredients, it can affect the air quality in your home with substances that can cause eye, nose, and throat irritation. Encourage ventilation wherever you’re burning a candle by opening a window, turning on a ceiling fan, or using an EZ Breathe System. Alternatives to burning candles include fall flowers, clove-studded oranges, and cinnamon sticks.

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