Why Measure Your Indoor Humidity?

High humidity levels in your indoor environment are a common cause for moisture, mold and mildew problems inside your home.

When warm humid air lands on a cool surface, the moisture in the air condenses into liquid water on the surface material. If that cool surface is your summertime ice tea glass, your glass gets wet, we are accustomed to this harmless display of high humidity. However, when that cool surface is in your basement, attic or on your windows, and those surfaces get wet it’s a red flag that you have high humidity inside your home. Moist, damp conditions lead to mold and bacteria growth, as well as increase the risk of insects and other health related problems like asthma and allergies.

Keeping your relative humidity (RH) at or below 50% will go a long way towards preventing moisture from condensing on cold surfaces in your home. Measure your RH frequently, particularly in the summer months. Treat spaces that consistently have an RH higher than 50% with a means to lower airborne moisture.

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