Primary Sources of Indoor Air Toxins and Allergens

Primary Sources of Indoor Air Toxins and Allergens- EZ BreathePrimary Sources of Indoor Air Toxins and Allergens

Pity the poor bathroom fan.

Infrequently the concern of most homeowners. Seldom the recipient of adequate investment by builders. In most dwellings, it’s not uncommon for the vents to be furred with dust. Yet it can dramatically improve the comfort of a home or apartment’s atmosphere, and in some cases even help the occupants live longer and better. In fact, some experts on the subject leave theirs running constantly in certain seasons.

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This whitepaper will address several sources of indoor air contamination, some of which are well known. Others will be less so. For example, few people realize that one of the most common comes right from their stovetops: Spaghetti.

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