Indoor Air Quality – Why You Need Whole Home Ventilation when you Have Pets

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Indoor Air Quality – Why You Need Whole Home Ventilation when you Have Pets

Pets are a lot of fun to have around the home. They love us unconditionally, and they’re always there to lift our spirits. However, they are a source of concern when it comes to indoor air quality.

Pets are a source of pet dander. Dander consists of dead skin that sloughs off the body of the pet. The proteins in the dander can cause allergic reactions in our bodies when inhaled. Pets can also drag allergens from the outside of the home into the interior. These may include pollen, mold, and dust. Pet urine and feces are also a source of protein that can cause allergic reactions in some people. Indoor Air Quality | New Jersey | EZ Breathe

How a whole home ventilation system can help

You do not have to get rid of your pet if you want to improve indoor air quality in your home. You can have your pet and breathe easily by investing in a whole home ventilation system. These systems will help you with the following issues.

  1. Get rid of contaminants

Whole home ventilation systems are the best way to get free of pollutants, such as pet dander and other allergens. These systems remove polluted air from the indoors and exhaust it out of the home. They then draw in fresh air from the outdoors and distribute it within the home. It reduces the contaminants in the indoor air.

  1. Get rid of odors

Pets can cause your home to have an unpleasant odor. Whether it is their natural smell or the smell of urine or feces, it can make your house uncomfortable to reside.

A whole home ventilation system will help to keep your home smelling fresh by exhausting the polluted indoor air and the unpleasant odors with it. You can forgo the air freshener, which is probably making matters worse.

  1. Get rid of stale air

Unlike HVAC systems that circulate stale air within the home, whole home ventilation systems get free of stale air. They replace the stale air with fresh air from the outdoors. You and your entire household won’t be breathing recycled air but fresh air.

There is no better way to ensure that the air quality in your home is at its best than by installing a whole home ventilation system. It is an investment in the health of your household, including your pet. They are low maintenance, too, as there is no filter to change.

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