EZ Breathe Vent Cover

Look no further, you can get a new vent cover for your EZ Breathe Ventilation System right here!  We know that over time your vent cover can take a beating from the weather, become brittle from the elements and even get damaged like any other outdoor home accessory. Our vent covers are custom engineered for the specific needs of EZ Breathe owners offering protection while still exhausting the air stream from your EZ Breathe with very limited resistance.

A more “heavy duty” vent cover will provide too much resistance to the exhaust air stream and can minimize the effectiveness of your EZ Breathe Ventilation System. We only recommend replacing old vent covers with those purchased from the manufacture to ensure optimal performance of your EZ Breathe Ventilation System.

Get your new EZ Breathe Cover for only $19.99 (includes tax and shipping)

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