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 73 reviews
by Lawrence Herrlinger on EZ Breathe
Great product

Loved doing business with this company...very professional and efficient. Since the EZBreathe was installed, my wife's breathing has improved greatly. She feels it has certainly made a major difference in her quality of life and asthma condition.

by Craig Williams on EZ Breathe
Ez Breathe

The best money I ever spend. The product really works great, the technician took his time and explained everything to me in detail, installation was clean and neat. What a difference it made with the quality of air no more mildew and stale odors. The house smells fresh. No more moisture in the air no need to run a dehumidifier and dump water constantly. I love it I recommend this product to anyone who is serious about the air quality in their home. Well worth the money. Thank You E-Z Breathe

by Denise Griffon on EZ Breathe
LOVE the EZ Breathe!!

Wow, what a difference. I heard about EZ Breathe from the Gary Sullivan show and finally purchased it--totally lives up to the hype! In fact, not only did I purchase it for my house, I purchased it for my workplace and am thrilled that the "basement smell" is completely gone!! I was running 3 separate dehumidifiers and wow, has my electric gone down, as well. Thank you so much, it's an excellent purchase, wish I'd done it years ago! Oh, I did get a discount by purchasing 2 systems, btw!

by Norman on EZ Breathe
EZ Breathe is first class!!!

A quick thank you for the total replacement of my E-Z Breathe base unit. I am so happy to deal with fantastic companies like EZ Breathe. When considering my purchase I chose EZ breathe because of their 10 year warrantee and customer service. It was my first time buying a house ventilation system. And I do strongly recommend EZ Breathe to others...

by Lars on EZ Breathe
EZ Breathe

I had the EZ Breathe installed a few months ago and it has made a huge improvement to the air quality and smell in my basement and as a consequence the whole house.Over the years I have noticed the air quality in my unfinished basement deteriorating, there was no way of removing the air except circulating it through the house filtration system. Which meant all that air was pushed up to the rest of the house.After searching for a better solution I chose EZ Breathe for its low/no maintenance and simplicity. The air now goes out directly from the basement and in the process also helps circulate the air from the upper floors for overall better indoor air quality.Everybody I dealt with were very helpful and professional.I am very glad I chose EZ Breathe.

by Lori Martin on EZ Breathe
Love mine!

I have a pottery studio in my basement and I was concerned about the dust that is generated. After a little research I called EZ Breathe. There system is able to remove the small particles that can't be seen but are still unhealthy.Installation was quick and very professional. I'm so glad I bought this unit!

by Paul Eash on EZ Breathe

A friend told us about the EZ Breath machine so we inquired more about it. It was everything we had hoped for and more. We have lived in our house for over 39 years and put up with what we thought was just a "basement smell". Our daughter said it was mold, but we didn't want to hear that. About a week after the machine was installed, we could tell the difference in the smell. The dampness is also gone from the rooms. Since there is a sump pump in the same room as the machine, I thought the machine would run continuously. I go down to do laundry often and many times, it is not running. Dehumidifiers never did the job as far as dampness and smell in the basement. We're so glad we spent the money for this EZ Breath.

by Carol on EZ Breathe
EZ Breathe

I had a funky smell in the unfinished side of my basement where I have open access to a crawl space under my family room. I have listened to Gary Sullivan talk about EZ Breathe for quite some time. I decided I needed to do something and I am glad I did. The installer said it could take up to a month for the funky smell to dissipate. It took a little over 2 weeks but now when I go downstairs, there is no funky odor and the humidity is under control. Thank you EZ Breathe!

by Sheryl Bauknecht on EZ Breathe
EZ Breathe works as Advertised

I'm in a basement level Condo. New construction. I have battled extreme Humidity and Radon (ranging from 10-15). After 5 days of instillation my Radon level is at a 3.70 and I'm sure it will go lower. My humidity is at 47 right now. All of my windows are now dry. I can definitely feel a difference in the air quality. I will update after it has more time to run. The installer was great! Very satisfied!

by GradyWhite Adventure on EZ Breathe
Great Product (AGAIN)

I had the EZ Breathe installed around 2008 in our other house when it was waterproofed....several years later, we moved - and although the basement is dry, we still experienced the humidity/musty smell at our home now. With a couple of pets in the house that 'use' the unfinished basement area (two cats/litter box), at times it was a bit unpleasant to take the trip to the downstairs. In October we finally decided to go ahead with the EZ Breathe - humidity and musty smell is gone, and we don't even know we have pets in the house any longer. We're really looking forward to the improvement next summer as well, when things really heat up again in the Ohio area. Since it's been installed, we notice no bump up in electric costs either - although it surely costs a few pennies per day, its isn't the least bit noticeable when we receive our electric bill. Well worth the investment, and the installation team was top notch and professional, and customer service responded in a timely manner after was had to cancel and reschedule our initial appointment - especially "Deb" . 5 STARS !!!

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