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EZ Breathe
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 80 reviews
 by Jan Therien on EZ Breathe
Strongly Recommend

Communications were prompt, professional and very competent help. Installer was so very considerate, friendly, explaining any and everything I asked about, even blessed my home. I'm a chaplain and that was very tender.

The system has totally cleansed my basements musty smells. I very much appreciate the continuous air exchange during this pandemic.

I totally recommend EZ BREATHE!

 by Milton Bagley on EZ Breathe

I discovered large areas of mold in my basement, and a plumber who visited my home told me that he had an EZBreathe system installed in his mother's home,six years ago. He said that it cost more than "normal" de-humidifiers....but was well worth it.

I contacted Ms. Deb Marshall at EZBreathe , and she,very efficiently, arranged for the installation. The system is working well and i have good reason to recommend the product.

Milton Bagley

 by Terry Robinson on EZ Breathe
Great Product

Installed the EZ Breathe 4 months ago. Sales staff and the installer were the best. Installer left the area cleaner than it was when he got there.

I was impressed with the operation of the unit. Basement felt better after one day.

 by Richard Nikolai on EZ Breathe
Less Frustration & Drier Basement

Our installation was completed in early September by Bogdan Solonue. He was very professional in the installation by looking over our whole basement to find a suitable site for the EZ Breathe machine. Since that time our humidity within our basement has been brought down easily without a dehumidifier icing up or burning up due to the changes of the season. Basement feels warm and dry while the air is fresh. What is even more pleasant is the whole house remains warm & dry . This was the best direction to cure our problem when isolated in our home during Covid 19. Our hats off to EZB with a long term warranty.

 by Reta Benson on EZ Breathe
Fresh Air

I had my EZB installed about 2 months ago by Bob Wilking. He did a fantastic job & was very informative. Before EZB my nose was constantly dripping, now it has stopped completely. I do not have the odor in my condo that my son described as a dirty socks smell. And the unit is right beside a sump pump. Thank you Gary Sullivan and EZ Breathe.

 by Liska Simmons on EZ Breathe
A Breath Of Fresh Air

The EZ Breathe crawl space ventilation system was installed at my home three months ago. I was relieved that the air would now be circulating from the upper story of the house and exhausted through a vent in the crawl space.

For the first few weeks, I couldn’t detect much change in damp, musty odors. However, one day after a couple months, I realized there was a neutral odor. Meaning, fresh-smelling air!
I’m grateful the system requires no maintenance. I can think of few home systems or products with that level of convenience.

 by Samantha Siciliano on EZ Breathe
The Best Thing About My New House

I've had my EZB for about two weeks and I already notice a huge difference in my allergies. I love my dogs but I'm terribly allergic. I've actually been sleeping better since I'm not walking up all the time with a running nose. My basement was already dry but it still smelled stale, since the EZB was installed I'm using that space to hang up my dresses. We recently purchased our home from a woman who had lived here since the 1960s and it had a bit of a closed up house smell and every day I notice it's becoming less and less. I'm so grateful for this product, just in a short time I can tell how hugely its impacted my entire home. The gentleman who installed it was super knowledgeable and answered all my questions. He completely cleaned up after himself and everything looks so put together.

 by Bruce Maxwell on EZ Breathe
New EZ-Breathe

The availability was quicker than initially indicated and the installers were helpful, quick, and cleaned up well. Could not be happier.

 by Emily on EZ Breathe

Wow - I’m blown away - Debbie is incredible. I was loving my unit the first week and then I couldn’t figure out how to get it to switch on! Debbie called me back after hours and walked me through setting the humidity down since the unit had already gotten the humidity to the right level and the unit had switched off. Amazed by this level of customer service - thank you!!

 by Michael Moreau on EZ Breathe
Vast Improvement

Having never heard of EZ Breathe before, of course I was skeptical. After using a costly de-humidifier for 2 years with no real improvement, I figured I had nothing to lose.

Fast forward to 2 months after install, I have no idea why someone would use a de-humidifier vs. a ventilation system and I will never go back. The odor has vastly decreased and will likely be removed altogether when I finish working on my basement.

Highly recommended.

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