Indoor Air Quality Tips to Fight the Flu New Jersey

Indoor Air Quality Tips to Fight the Flu New Jersey

When flu season comes around, it can hit hard. Nobody enjoys the runny nose, the stuffiness, constant headaches or dry mouth that come with the flu. However, just because it is flu season doesn’t mean that you should surrender to the fate of catching an infection. There are steps you can take to avoid catching the flu or help you recover much faster. 

Indoor Air Quality | New Jersey | EZ BreatheThe indoor air quality of your home plays a significant role in your health. Poor air quality can result in serious health complications. Mold, dust, allergens and bacteria can make the symptoms of flu even more serious.

The following are some upgrades you can make in your home to improve indoor air quality and protect your health.

1. Install a whole-home ventilation system
The presence of mold, bacteria, dust and allergens such as pollen in the air can result in severe flu symptoms and complications. It is also important to note that viruses that cause the flu are airborne. This means that they are transmitted from person to person through droplets in the air that are formed when infected people sneeze or cough.

Installing a ventilation system in your home will help to get rid of polluted indoor air and bring in fresh air from the outside. This is unlike other systems that only circulate the air within the home. Many systems aren’t able to filter out bacteria and viruses from the air. A ventilation system assures you of clean air. Indoor Air Quality | New Jersey | EZ Breathe

2. Invest in a humidifier
Indoor air quality isn’t only about pollutants in the air. It’s about the composition of the air. This includes the level of humidity. Low humidity levels provide the perfect conditions for viruses to survive. High humidity levels, on the other hand, will result in the growth of mold, which is also dangerous for your health.

If you install a ventilation system, you won’t have to worry about high humidity levels. However, low humidity levels can be an issue, especially during the winter. Investing in a humidifier will help to increase humidity levels to a level that will make it difficult for viruses to survive. Increased humidity will also reduce irritation of the airways and skin.

Indoor air quality plays an important role in the health of your household. Use the tips above to improve the quality of air in your home and prevent the spread of the flu or improve your recovery.

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