What is the indoor air quality in your home like? Many people believe that their homes are the safest places to be. However, studies by the EPA and even more recent research by scientists at George Washington University will tell you otherwise.

According to the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air quality in most homes is worse than outdoor air quality by over 3 times. The findings by George Washington scientists back this up. These scientists collected dust samples from homes throughout the US over a period of 20 years and discovered high concentrations of various toxic chemicals in the dust.

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Toxic homes

If you think you’re protecting yourself from exposure to toxic chemicals by staying indoors, then you’re wrong. There are even more sources of toxins in the home than outside. These don’t only diffuse into the air, but are also absorbed by dust particles.

Some of the toxins that you should be most concerned about include:

  1. Phthalates

These chemicals are commonly found in vinyl flooring, food packaging, vinyl blinds, fragrance products, as well as personal care products. These toxins have been known to affect the reproductive system and cause toxicity. They have also been known to cause hormone disruptions.

  1. Flame retardants

These chemicals are present in electronics, baby products, furniture, as well as polystyrene building insulation. They have been known to cause nervous system and reproductive toxicity as well as hormone disruption.

  1. Phenols

These are common in every day products such as cosmetics, lotions, shampoo, cleaning products and reusable water bottles. They have been shown to cause toxicity of the reproductive system as well as hormone disruption.

  1. Fragrances

These are present in perfumes, cleaning products, candles, air fresheners and other personal care products. The effects of fragrances on our health are yet to be known.

  1. Fluorinated chemicals

These are present in water and stain repellant treatments that are used on upholstery, clothes, shoes, carpets, food papers and non-stick cookware. These chemicals are known to cause toxicity of the liver, reproductive, digestive and nervous systems.

Cleaning your indoors

If you want to reduce your level of exposure to these chemicals, then dusting would be a great place to start. However, it isn’t enough. You need to get these chemicals out of your home. The problem is that they are in so many products that we use every day.

A great solution would be to invest in a whole home ventilation system that circulates fresh outdoor air into the home, and polluted indoor air out.


One Product, Multiple Systems

What is your home’s foundation?


The Basement
Ventilation System Helps to:

  • Reduce mold, mildew, allergens
  • Controls humidity, dampness
  • Removes musty odors
  • Improves overall indoor air quality
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The Crawlspace Conditioner
System Helps to:

  • Reduce mold, mildew, allergens
  • Controls humidity, dampness
  • Removes musty odors
  • Improves overall indoor air quality
View Crawlspace System
Now when we enter our house, it feels like we’re walking into a new home! E·Z Breathe® has helped to solve our moisture and mold problem. Thank you! — Richard & Tonya Spraggins

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