EZ Breathe GREAT QUESTION….Settings?

Settings, Settings, Settings….
One of the most common calls we get at EZ Breathe happens the first winter that a customer has an EZ Breathe in their home…
It usually goes like this: “Hi, I bought my EZ Breathe earlier this year, and we LOVE it. BUT, it stopped working, what do I do?”

I personally love this call!

What has happened? Well, the standard setting on the humidistat dial in most cases, is 35 – 45%. That is the optimal range for human comfort according to a lot of different studies.
35 to 45% is also a range that is NOT hospitable to:
– Bacteria
– Viruses
– Fungi (mold)
– Mites
– Respiratory infections
– Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma
– Chemical Interactions (Arundel, ET AL, and other studies)

And those are the kinds of things we don’t want to have visit, or stay with us.

So what is the answer?

It depends on what you want to achieve. Some customers are only concerned about maintaining a comfortable, moisture, mold and odor free basement/crawlspace. If that is you, then leaving the humidistat at 35 to 45% year round is fine. Set it and forget it.

If your concerns are overall home air quality, and being as inhospitable to the items listed above as possible, then perhaps setting the humidistat at 20% year round is the answer. Fan speed adjustment is a choice to consider.

On the subject of it being too dry, that is certainly a concern. Humidifying upstairs may be necessary. Definitely don’t over humidify, you want to be in that 35 to 45% range upstairs, and properly maintain the humidifier so that it doesn’t produce an environment for fungal or bacterial growth. EZ Breathe will help distribute the humidified air more evenly throughout the house.

Hope this helps!

A gift certificate for Question of the Month goes to: Theresa C., Ohio.

Thanks, and keep the questions coming!
Tim Chapin, HHS, CRMI

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